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Posted by: Wordvault Oct 15 2015, 01:07 AM

RIP Keyboard

Raised in plastic

knowingly ending your basic obligation as ritualistic descents.


Pieces easily result furfillingly everyhwere cutting it over notions.

Trial and error

They really include all long
apprehensive and demanding
endless repeats right over repulsion.

Cold Morning

Colours over distance
Mist over raindrops now it's nicely glistening.


It makes all great exciting rythms yearly.

The early hangovers

Those hooligans enjoy
evenings as running louts, yobbishly
handing alcohol nightly, growing old virtually ending really sickly.

Glorified Day

Great livers ongo rummaging in fieldly invernesses including downlooking
Decorated around you.

A Good Day

After getting over obstacles destined
desires are yielded.

A tiring sad day

A task including repairs is never great
situations and devastations
do appear yearly.


For all regrettable endings with exits lives longer.

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