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Wordvault _ Life on a database _ The Music related memory

Posted by: Wordvault Oct 29 2018, 04:09 AM

The Music related memory

Through hearing endlessly

many underlying sounds in comparisons

reorganising every little associated tactile event described

many exacting moments of recurrances yesterday.

Always plays

A loop when as you say

prayers like at your saviour.

Never goes away

Not easily veered except recurrances

getting over errors systemically

as with a yoyo.

Never quiet

No exceptions virtually exist ritually

questions usually include enquiry time.

Absolutely pitchful

A boring sound often loops undiserably through every listen you

play in timeless choruses held for until later.


It's nothing that ever really fails except rubbishing entire nuances chronologically experienced sensationally.

Something I never asked for

Sounds of many events that haunt is nothing great


now expresses voices experienced recently

and speaks killfuly every day

forraging over relations.

You win again

Your open unites

with its noteworthy

awkward gripes and illusonable nights.

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