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> Their shoes
Posted by Wordvault - 10-29-18 06:34 - 0 comments
To hold eager introverted readers

so he of Eve sings.
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> The Music related memory
Posted by Wordvault - 10-29-18 04:09 - 0 comments
The Music related memory

Through hearing endlessly

many underlying sounds in comparisons

reorganising every little associated tactile event described

many exacting moments of recurrances yesterday.

Always plays

A loop when as you say

prayers like at your saviour.

Never goes away

Not easily veered except recurrances

getting over errors systemically

as with a yoyo.

Never quiet

No exceptions virtually exist ritually

questions usually include enquiry time.

Absolutely pitchful

A boring sound often loops undiserably through every listen you

play in timeless choruses held for until later.


It's nothing that ever really fails except rubbishing entire nuances chronologically experienced sensationally.

Something I never asked for

Sounds of many events that haunt is nothing great


now expresses voices experienced recently

and speaks killfuly every day

forraging over relations.

You win again

Your open unites

with its noteworthy

awkward gripes and illusonable nights.
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> Friends are just customers who want everything for free.
Posted by Wordvault - 09-20-18 23:10 - 0 comments
Forget real influences especially noteworthy distinctions seen

all really expect

junk under some trust

corrected using someone's tatty old module extractions received sentimentally.

wanters highlight openly

with a need that

empathises varacious expectations requesting you trade hourlessly including never-ending grief

failing over ridicules

for refused equipment elsewhere.

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> All a show
Posted by Wordvault - 09-20-18 21:58 - 0 comments
A little like


see's hell over whittle.
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> The World at war
Posted by Wordvault - 09-20-18 21:31 - 0 comments
Those husbands escaping

Women of rape lie daily

as they

wage abuse recursively.
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> Youtube
Posted by Wordvault - 09-20-18 02:24 - 0 comments

Your open usual television using broadband equipment.

Dave L. Jones

Does a video electronics


Journal of nicely expressing sarcasm.

Phil Mason

Politely humiliates illiterate lambasters

mostly as shown over numbers.
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> All or nothing
Posted by Wordvault - 10-9-17 10:32 - 0 comments
A long life

of rookies

now off to haunt in night gowns.
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> The last laugh with helium gas.
Posted by Wordvault - 09-24-17 23:19 - 0 comments
Those horseplay events

long after saucy tales

languishing at usual gossip hearsay

whilst I take heed

hearing everybody's ludicrous illusions until more

glasses are served.
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> Dead in the water
Posted by Wordvault - 09-5-17 13:45 - 0 comments
Did everything as desired

involving nights

through hearsay enlightenment

whilst attending their exclusive rites.
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> Just a ghost
Posted by Wordvault - 08-12-17 23:03 - 0 comments
Joneses usually string together


give hereby offsprings said tales.
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> A gravy train today
Posted by Wordvault - 08-4-17 11:37 - 0 comments
A groovy romantic and very young

tongue rummages an interesting nuttery

that's often desired as yearningly.

The fake

The hitchhiking employee

for all killable enquiries.

Redundancies by back reviews.

Researcher evaluates disabled unionists not desired and neither choosing idealistically equivalent staff

besides yielding

basically a calculating knowable

robbing everyone visited in experience with skills.
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> The hold
Posted by Wordvault - 08-4-17 11:14 - 0 comments
The howling excites

heights of likeable dissents.
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> As someone attends there
Posted by Wordvault - 07-21-17 10:43 - 0 comments
Although sending

sufficients of many entails over new entries

all they threw ended nearby despite sentimentals

taking hear'say expressons really enviously.
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> Floors too tall.
Posted by Wordvault - 07-20-17 10:48 - 0 comments
Followers long over other routes sold

to others own

thrones as lying low.
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> Empty as the sky
Posted by Wordvault - 03-24-17 00:01 - 0 comments
Easily made penniless there yesterday

after sentimentally

taping hidden expressions

said knowingly yourself.
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> Foremost a perk
Posted by Wordvault - 02-13-17 01:48 - 0 comments
Favours of ranks elitest make out stories that


pleasures easily reached knowingly.
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> Skills with frills
Posted by Wordvault - 02-6-17 23:45 - 0 comments
Someone knows its lovelly looks shaped

when it trades here

for retail it's left likely saved.
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> The sum of all evil
Posted by Wordvault - 02-5-17 23:11 - 0 comments
Taking here extra

stash usually money

off furnitures

and likeable lads

ends vulnerably in lunacies.
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> The hordes of boards
Posted by Wordvault - 02-5-17 21:59 - 0 comments
They hear every

hold on relatives deciding events said

over frets

besides offloading a really desirable set.
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> RIP Keyboard.
Posted by Wordvault - 10-15-15 01:07 - 0 comments
RIP Keyboard

Raised in plastic

knowingly ending your basic obligation as ritualistic descents.


Pieces easily result furfillingly everyhwere cutting it over notions.


Trial and error

They really include all long
apprehensive and demanding
endless repeats right over repulsion.

Trial and error

Cold Morning

Colours over distance
Mist over raindrops now it's nicely glistening.

Cold morning


It makes all great exciting rythms yearly.


The early hangovers

Those hooligans enjoy
evenings as running louts, yobbishly
handing alcohol nightly, growing old virtually ending really sickly.

The Early Hangovers

Glorified Day

Great livers ongo rummaging in fieldly invernesses including downlooking
Decorated around you.

Glorified Day

A Good Day

After getting over obstacles destined
desires are yielded.

A Good Day

A tiring sad day

A task including repairs is never great
situations and devastations
do appear yearly.

A Tiring Sad Day


For all regrettable endings with exits lives longer.

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> Foes
Posted by Wordvault - 12-8-13 02:29 - 0 comments
For a cold envision sacrificed

over facts

excitement never ever makes it entirely satisfactory

successions usually fall flat in creating enigmas.
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> On the railings
Posted by Wordvault - 06-8-13 00:50 - 0 comments
Only now

that help exists

regarding all interesting looks it's now going straight.
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> David Sanborn
Posted by Wordvault - 03-3-13 01:06 - 0 comments
David Sanborn

Dude attempts very impressive demonstrative

Saxophone and nice bass over repetitive noises.

Indio 1976

It's new despite introduction over 1976.

Straight to the heart (1984)

Session talents run an interesting group here they

together openly

toured huge events

hosting every awesome rehersal throughout 1984.

Chicago Song.

Cosby helps in chording a guitar only

Saying oh no go.
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> Paul Young - Wherever I Lay My Hat
Posted by Wordvault - 02-27-13 00:00 - 0 comments
Possessed and utterly lonely

Years of useless no goers

Which however easily reoccurs every valentines evening romantically


Lookers and yourself

Made young

Holding all tongues.
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Posted by Wordvault - 12-16-12 02:32 - 0 comments
Walks of new desires extend round superiority

over favourites

repeating everything as learned

like it furthers excellence

denied eccentrically for ideas not ideal there including old negative symphonies

Other virtual extremes ruin

finishes involving nothing appealing like it zones in nude girdles

Well it's something done of many

obligations fortelling

rich enlistments made enitrely modern besides easy ranks in nowadays generation

killing new oldies with lowering expectations down governmental elections.
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> Secret Service Flash in the night
Posted by Wordvault - 03-9-12 05:18 - 0 comments
Swede easily creates really exciting tunes

Saying everything repetitively vague in circles enticingly.

Further lightening and singing high

it's nicely

timed hums enlighten

nothingness in great humble twilights.
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> Wanting a sitcom
Posted by Wordvault - 03-5-12 02:02 - 0 comments
With a new trendy interest involving notorious guises


silly idiots together create obtrusive minds.
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> A side desk
Posted by Wordvault - 12-23-11 01:34 - 0 comments

some interesting desktop extension

does exceptionally seem keepsake.
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> On the buses
Posted by Wordvault - 12-22-11 01:16 - 0 comments
Originally not

the humour expected

Besides using sarcasm ecstatically said.
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> Ah
Posted by Wordvault - 12-19-11 02:12 - 0 comments
A life with all you sikhs

heading out leaving ditches in nil grief


turn underlyingly rough besides all negros.
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> Like a raw deal
Posted by Wordvault - 10-23-11 01:13 - 0 comments
Look! It's knowingly enjoyable


ruthless abstract wording

described elaborately after lying.
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> They wait to die
Posted by Wordvault - 10-15-11 21:57 - 0 comments
Those here especially young

waste all idle thumbs

telephoning other

dounces is economical.
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> A Buyer is desperate
Posted by Wordvault - 10-6-11 00:25 - 0 comments

Betting uses your emotional reactions

in sophisticated

disillusionment except said people effectively running actual tables everywhere.
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> A big dosh
Posted by Wordvault - 09-28-11 16:03 - 0 comments
Always dealing deviously in cash that eventually disappears

besides it's notoriously greedy over

idiots naively chancing ideas through everything saved

Grandly as nobody expects senseless humiliation.
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> Art
Posted by Wordvault - 09-28-11 15:45 - 0 comments
A representation to

target human recognition over unfamiliar grounds here

is lucidly like understanding sketches through reasonable abstraction that is very elusively

made out as nobody ever reads

easy meanings often that exceptionally.

A target is made easy

to here elusively reads exceptionally.

A time
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> A fit
Posted by Wordvault - 09-27-11 15:33 - 0 comments

filling at tea

I drank in other tastes

that he encouraged really easily.
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> The good life.
Posted by Wordvault - 08-14-11 00:53 - 0 comments
The good life.

They hail everywhere

greatly over others daily

like if followers envied.
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> Goldfrapp Utopia
Posted by Wordvault - 04-7-11 23:15 - 0 comments
Girl of loud domineering frequencies raises a performance pitch

Using those obscure poems in acting.
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> The house of spirits.
Posted by Wordvault - 03-20-11 01:19 - 0 comments
Those humans eventually

haunt others usually seen everywhere

over foregoing

suffering placed in rituals is the story.
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